The Significance of Wearable Mala Beads in Yoga

Yoga Mala is a necklace constituted of a thread which has sacred gems/beads strung together. The beaded necklace is used for prayers to keep one stay focused on mantras during meditation. You must be wondering why sages and yoga gurus are seen wearing these fashionable looking garlands. Well, there is a reason for this! It is believed, and it is the truth, that gemstone jewelry awakens the spirit and radiates energy and encourages body, soul, and mind.


A mala or a garland is practically used for players and traditions; it features 108 beads and is imbued with healing energies and sacred meaning that inspire positivity. Since the traditional time, mediating garlands made out of beads has enriched the meditation practices and uplifted people spiritually. In today’s date, it has become a style statement for yogis.


Every mala bead bracelet has a different set of gemstones, and every particular gemstone depicts its message; therefore, you must go with the one that defines your personality the best. The gemstones that go with your personality will help shape your unique identity and further your manifestations, dreams, and intentions.

Meditating necklaces are worth it and must be carried on the neck and wrist. Continue reading to understand the significance of wearable malas, and it can be of great advantage to those who wear it:

Advantages of prayer beads to deepen the impact of Meditation

A mala or a garland has 108 beads closely strung together with the main bead, also known as the guru bead. The main bead is present at the center of the garland, placed at the center to garland to keep a record of the ground.

  • Increase the strength of your meditation

The deeper you get into the meditation process, the more power you gain, and the outcome becomes stronger. With the mala beads, you can better connect the soul, mind, and soul. You can soothe the senses that allow you to dip better into the state of mindfulness.

Mala is an indispensable tool that helps to achieve better focus and attention to enhance self-awareness. Till the time you have mala in your hand, you can concentrate and focus better for a specific amount of time.

  • Achieve Mental Wellness

Achieving mental wellness becomes easier with the mala prayer necklace. The necklace beads are designed to help calm your personality and deal with everyday stress. You can also achieve your mental stability, focus better, and improve the attention span. It empowers you and helps gain inner peace. You can channelize your energy and take complete control over your well-being.

  • Pushes Out Negative Thoughts

With the power of the Japa mantra meditation, you can easily replace the malicious thoughts process with powerful positive ones.

  • Controlling the Respiration

You can slow down or increase your respiration in a way that can benefit your health.

How to use the mala beads to its full potential?

To make yourself comfortable and use your mala beads to its full potential, you will have to follow the following guidelines:

  • Make yourself comfortable and sit down wherever you find yourself at ease and calm. The place for chanting the mantras could be anywhere inside or outside your home. You will have to sit comfortably and keep your spine straight and eyes closed.
  • Centralize your attention and take slow deep breaths every time you start chanting a mantra and stop every time you switch to the next bead.
  • Choose mantras that suit you and speak to you. You will have to use sacred words and establish spiritual traditions like OM. Then there are traditional Sanskrit soul-cleansing mantras that can bring closer to yourself and God, and give you complete control over your thoughts, emotions, mind, and body.

There are various others that you can practice apart from this, like:

  • I love my body, my mind, my soul.
  • I am grateful for my health and whatever God has given me.
  • I am enough for me.
  • Good things are coming to me.
  • I am forever grateful for the people that I have in my life.
  • With consistency, determination, and hard work, I shall achieve whatever I dream for!
  • I am special.

Hold the mala in your hands and let it hang in a relaxed manner in your left or right hand, which so ever makes you feel comfortable. The bead must be placed between your index finger and thumb as long as you are chanting.

For counting, you will have to use your thumbs to count and begin counting them one after the other. Continue with the meditation for as long as you like, and once you are done with one complete round, begin reversing the beads' direction. In one complete set, you will be reciting the mantra for about 108 times.

To live a holistic Yoga lifestyle, the mala bracelets and beads can help enjoy a valuable life and strengthen your practice.

You will have to repeat the same incantation or mantra every time calmingly. Every mala absorbs and releases the energy that it has gained during meditation and yoga. With every time you practice, you revive it with more energy and absorb the positive aura you have created while getting rid of the negative vibes.

The Cleansing Process of Mala

 You have to cleanse your mala now and then as the beads are believed to absorb energy, therefore using them again; you must make sure that the garland is free from any negative energy. Here are some different and exciting ways in which you can cleanse your mala:

  • It would be best if you burned a white sage over the mala.
  • It would help if you kept the mala under the moonlight or the sunlight.
  • Place your mala in the center of the signing bowl and ring the edges after that.
  • You can keep the mala in warm water with mild soap. Soak the bead inside for a while and brush it delicately. Once the cleansing procedure has been completed, you can brush your mala with sandalwood or coconut oil. Oiling the beads properly makes it more robust, so it does not quickly dry out.

Malas are rich and beautiful ways to add mindfulness and beautiful intention to your life. Every time you practice yoga with a Mala, it will breathe new confidence, belief, spirituality, and positivity into your life.